40 inches tall

this is my first Snoopy I received on my nth birthday 16 inches tall

giant Santa Snoopy and Woodstock I bought this from Singapore (18" sitting)

small, medium and large (it's a pity that I lost the small one) :( 50th anniversary plush from Taiwan


very old Snoopy in 70's & 80's (the one with vest)

  beach look Snoopy (70's)

 from Snoopy Place in Singpore (1999) made by cloth (you can sign your name on it with the pen provided)

press the red heart and record your voice then it will playback automatically 

musical Santa Hey! I made it myself !!! 

Flying Ace and Snoopy

special pink Snoopy is my brithday present in 2000 special pale blue tiny Snoopy 


Snoopy as a bee (in 2 size) Snoopy as Easter rabbit   



Christmas plush

  doctor Snoopy

press the red dot to hear music

  Taxi driver Snoopy 

both Snoopy & Woodstock vibrates when you pull their tails various size of Woodstock 

Woodstock in different characters

  Charlie Brown and Snoopy on the right are special 50th anniversary edition 


 Snoopy inside a balloon knitted Snoopy


very old tiny Snoopy in 80's  

Easter rabbit Halloween Snoopy

special edition for Valentine's day Snoopy as Cupid   


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